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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 31, 2019

Episode 59

Interview with Matthew Bzdel from Gluten Free Street Gang


Matt is a 27-year-old who lives the gluten-free lifestyle since December 2013 because of IBS. While not the only culprit, gluten is the worst of the IBS health offenders. Matt is currently eating a gluten-free/low FODMAP diet just complicates things...

Jul 24, 2019

Episode 58

Interview with Nichole Nurenberg from Jai Mix


Nichole wanted to create unique recipes that would hold up to the well-love, rice-based snacks which you can find throughout India, Nepal, and the East. In her quest, she made batch after batch, and tested them on the only focus group: her family and friends. In...

Jul 17, 2019

Episode 57

Interview with Andress from Swerve


As one of the founders of Swerve Sweetener, Andress is currently the President and CEO and oversees the vision and strategy for this zero-calorie, natural sugar replacement. With an early career in radio, Andress is a former top-rated morning show personality. She...

Jul 10, 2019

Episode 56

Interview with Dustin from KaPop! Snacks


Dustin Finkel, standing at 6’6, is the head KaPoP! At his startup, KaPop Snacks. His CEO position at his own gluten-free snack company has given him an appreciation of what a small company CEO brings to the table. He founded KaPop! Snacks as he was looking for a...

Jul 3, 2019

Episode 55

Interview with Kim Smith from Lemongrass Spa

Summer and TSA Friendly Travel Skincare that's Gluten-Free!


When I found Karen at a booth at the Nourished Festival this past spring, I thought this was another run of your mill skincare company. Surprised to find out that not only is their entire line of...