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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 31, 2019

Episode 59

Interview with Matthew Bzdel from Gluten Free Street Gang


Matt is a 27-year-old who lives the gluten-free lifestyle since December 2013 because of IBS. While not the only culprit, gluten is the worst of the IBS health offenders. Matt is currently eating a gluten-free/low FODMAP diet just complicates things a little bit. 


Matt grew up outside the US with expat parents and travel has been a constant in his life ever since he was a toddler. He currently lives in Massachusetts and will be flying to London to work for several months.


Fun fact: Matt has been to 27 countries (and lived in 3, 4 if you count study abroad. His favorite travel story happened to him while working in Belgium. He took a sleeper train with some friends and woke up in a different country than his original intended destination. He is looking to keep travel as a central content theme for his upcoming work.


Listen in to find out how many bagels Matt brought back from Modern Bread and Bagel in New York City, his favorite places to travel and where on Earth the food is so expensive a regular loaf of bread costs $9!


Gluten Free Street Gang


Matt started his Instagram meme account after getting an idea for a meme when Starbucks discontinued their gluten-free breakfast sandwich. His memes quickly caught on and friends were sharing these funny gluten-free memes all over social media. Matt continued to create content and is looking into how to best to grow his niche. Matt will be launching a blog of his own in the next week!


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