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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 3, 2019

Episode 55

Interview with Kim Smith from Lemongrass Spa

Summer and TSA Friendly Travel Skincare that's Gluten-Free!


When I found Karen at a booth at the Nourished Festival this past spring, I thought this was another run of your mill skincare company. Surprised to find out that not only is their entire line of products gluten-free, every product at Lemongrass Spa is also 100% natural. 


Listen in and find out how you can get the best skincare line, which I’m switching over to, and not have to worry about label reading for gluten again! With all natural ingredients, TSA friendly travel kits for skincare, TSA friendly 2oz sizes and products that are solid (not liquid) not only is this a healthy choice, but Lemongrass Spa is also the TRAVELER’S CHOICE for your one-stop travel products shop! Click here to get your special buy one get one 50% off on healing elements (awesome for super dry skin and sunburn)




Karen Smith is a native Coloradoan who loves to hike, spend time with her family, garden, read, and travel the world. She has traveled around the world and visited 27 countries. She grew up in a rural mountainous setting and has a passion for natural living and helping people live their best lives full of freedom. Her family is involved in agriculture with raising natural, grass-fed beef and bison and Karen is very fond of being outdoors.  She worked in corporate America for 20 plus years and finally left to pursue entrepreneurship with Lemongrass Spa Products. It's been an incredible life-changing decision for her.


Lemongrass Spa 

When Lemongrass Spa Founder, Heidi, was pregnant with her daughter she began reading labels on her skincare, makeup and bath products and realized there were many toxins in everything she was using. On a mission to find safer products she started creating her own bath products. She and a friend hosted a girls night and showcased their products to their friends. This fun-filled evening inspired Heidi to create more products and eventually provide spa experiences for women across the country.


Heidi and her mother, Karen, worked together to create products in Heidi's basement when the company first got started in the small mountain town of Bailey, Colorado. In 2007, Lemongrass Spa moved to a manufacturing and distribution center in Pine, Colorado, where our home office still operates. In August 2014, a second manufacturing and distribution center opened in Tarpon Springs, Florida. We are able to efficiently manufacture and ship to thousands of amazing Lemongrass Spa Consultants and customers across the country.

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