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Travel Gluten Free

Nov 17, 2021

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 163

Portable Gluten-Free Food Ideas for the Gluten Free Traveler


Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast. Today, I’m sharing some easy, portable gluten-free food ideas to bring with you on your next adventure. By the time this airs, I will have just gotten back from a cruise, and I’m excited to share my experience with you soon. But until then, have a few great, gluten-free tips for travelling. 


What Kind of Gluten-Free Snacks to Travel With


Make sure to bring snacks that don’t have any kind of coating or chocolate that will melt and make a mess out of everything. Always check the labels for glaze, chocolate, or anything of the sort. I love granola bars from Lara, and there are plenty of great brands that are free from top allergens such as Yes! or Ka-Pop!. Other snacks that aren’t brand specific that I like are seaweed snacks, apple sauce packets (yes, just like the ones for toddlers) or fruit snacks and gummies that are all made up of pure, organic ingredients. Remember to always read the label before buying something new, and don’t trust something that’s advertised as GF unless it’s certified gluten-free. 


What I Look for in a Hotel Room as a GF Traveller 


I always make sure to get a hotel room with either a small kitchen or kitchenette, and at the very least a microwave or fridge. It makes it so much easier to snack at night, rather than going out, and is much more convenient when packing your own safe food and drinks. 


Most places will generally have a fridge and microwave, but always make sure to check. One tip I’ve learned is that many hotels in Las Vegas don’t provide a fridge you can use, instead filling it with snacks they want you to pay for. But, you can call the front desk and have them bring you a refrigerator for all of your gluten-free goodies. 


Where to Shop for Gluten Free Foods while Travelling 


An unexpected way to find food while traveling is in HomeGoods. They have a surprisingly decent selection of GF snacks that I like to try before travelling, so that I know what I like beforehand. WinCo also has a great variety of allergen-free foods as reasonable prices. 


Another tip is to go to Whole Foods and see what they offer there, and then check the product’s website to see if you can find the same thing for cheaper. Another gluten-free staple of mine is to bring cookies for dessert, since most restaurants don’t offer gluten-free dessert options. 


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