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Travel Gluten Free

Aug 30, 2019

Episode #62

My Favorite Gluten-Free Travel Snacks


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My Favorite Gluten-Free Travel Snacks


Chips and Crackers


I love to eat chips and crackers. I’ll be the first to admit this without shame! My favorite flavor of chips is sea salt and vinegar, hands down! Here are a few of the chips and crackers I mention in this episode. 


Kapop Snacks are tasty, crunchy and packed full of nutrition! Using ancient grains, these goodies are wholesome and tasty as well! Check out my interview with Dustin Finkle, where we talk about how he came up with KaPop! Snacks in episode 56.


Mosaics are another snack I really like. Similar to KaPop! Instead of using ancient grains, they have a base of organic yellow and green peas for their chips. Look for the green spotted triangles at a store near you and listen to episode 54 to find out my favorite Spinning Wheels brand snack!


Jai Mix, the “compellingly tasty” snack mix, which puts your favorite Indian and Thai flavors into one bag! My favorite? The spicy coconut! Delicious, savory and spicy all wrapped into one, go to this website to order a case of Jai Mix, because, trust me, you won’t be able to stop at just one bag!


One of the newest snacks I’ve found which I love to travel with are LesserEvil Organic Paleo Puffs Gluten Free Himalayan Salt 'N Apple Cider Vinegar. They are like corn puffs, minus the corn, with more nutrition and taste amazing! 


Favorite brands of crackers include Milton's Crackers, Simple Mills, Lance Gluten-Free and any cracker, cookie, cake from Schar. They even have a recipe page online, and a travel locator where you can find many tasty treats to create gluten-free!


Another one of my favorite brands is Kinnikinnick. They have amazing vanilla wafers and gluten-free graham crackers, among other mouth-watering treats. 


Protein Bars and Shakes

I commonly carry protein bars and shakes with me, whether I’m working on-the-go or I’m traveling, these are an easy way to get clean and nutritious snack any time of the day or night! I chat about my favorite bars and shakes in this episode, tune in to find out what my favorite brands and types of protein keep me fueled during the week!


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