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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 14, 2022

Travel Gluten-Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 13

How to Find a Gluten Free Bakery


When we find out we can’t eat gluten foods due to Celiac or other autoimmune diseases, we might think that it is the end of us enjoying the foods we love. Join us in today’s Travel Gluten-free Podcast as we discuss how to find gluten-free bakeries to satisfy our taste buds.


Delicious Gluten Free Treats at Gluten Free Bakeries


We find out we have Celiac disease, or we can’t eat gluten, and immediately our minds race to all the bread and pasta we will miss out on in our lives! Then, we come to find out about all the amazing places around us that we can find delicious, gluten free baked goods. While there are many amazing gluten-free companies that make gluten free baking mixes and gluten free bakery goods, sometimes we want to treat ourselves and go all out at a gluten free bakery!

The Differences Between Gluten-free Bakeries


Is there a difference between a gluten-free bakery and a bakery that offers gluten-free baked goods? Listen in as I delve into the difference and why you are safer with a Gluten-free bakery. I also share with you the critical questions to ask in a bakery that is not a dedicated gluten-free shop.

Finding a Safe Gluten-free Bakery


Besides using the Find Me Gluten-free App, I share tips on finding content creators, bloggers, and influencers online who can guide you to other gluten-free bakeries not listed on the app. Also, find out why I highly recommend the paid version of the Find Me Gluten-free App. In addition, I share tips on how to use other general apps and social media to find gluten-free bakeries.

Journey with Travel Gluten Free

The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free will walk you through planning and enjoying your next gluten-free travel adventure!

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