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Travel Gluten Free

Jan 19, 2020

Episode #71

Add Carla Boyd's Hempway Burgers to Your Gluten-Free Plant Based Diet


I'm excited to feature Carla Boyd. Carla struggled personally with various food intolerances and allergies including corn, gluten, dairy and soy. She discovered that eating hemp-based food assisted her on the road to sustainable health. This discovery inspired the creation of Hemp Way Foods in 2014 and now fuels the company's visionary food product line.  


My guest Carla is a native of Mississippi and creating dressing for Thanksgiving, a graduate of the University of North Texas, entrepreneur, educator, and advocate within the cannabis and hemp industries. Her involvement began in early 2009, serving on the board of the Mile High Denver NORML chapter until 2012. During this time, she also worked with several dispensaries as marketing, sales, and events coordinator consultant for Hemp Cleans, a statewide Colorado educational campaign.


Hemp Way is a hemp-based food production company where she continues as President and Chief Operations Manager. Hemp Way Foods education is shared alongside brand awareness and is a central focus of the business's outreach. In 2015, her company received "Best Hemp Product/Facility "by the Cannabis Business Awards. She again won in 2016 for "Best Colorado Hemp Food" by the Industrial Hemp Awards. Additionally, Carla was recently a back-to-back winner at the 2018 and 2019 Grow Hemp Colorado Indo Expo Events like the "Best Hemp Food Company."    


Her recent highlights include an appointment to the Leadership Counsel for the National Small Business Association. Hemp Way Foods has been featured in various regional publications, most notably the Denver Post and Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, making the Hemp Connoisseur's Spring 2018 "100 People You Should Know". Carla is an advocate for Hemp (if you haven't noticed…), and her goal is to speak at more local and national events to share her message of Hemp, nutrition, and sustainable food development. Contact Carla to speak at your next event at


In this episode, we chat about how Carla developed Hempway into a business (even though this was NEVER her intention), her early days asking friends to assist her in cutting and packaging each individual package and the best gluten-free Thai food she has had in her life at Thai Bloom in Portland, Oregon.

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