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Travel Gluten Free

Apr 28, 2022

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 02

Gluten Free Travel Tips Part I


I'm stoked to chat with Ellen from Gluten-free Vacation on this episode of Travel Gluten Free Podcast about tips for making gluten-free travel easier. Ellen started Gluten-free Vacations in 2021 to help other travelers plan their vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Disney. Following a diagnosis of Lyme disease and Sarcoidosis in 2018, Ellen decided to change her diet and go gluten-free. Ellen quickly realized how stressful eating out and traveling could be, which led her to start Gluten-free Vacations. Today, Ellen focuses on the Caribbean, Mexico, and Disney, which have excellent all-inclusive resorts that can make a vacation stress-free for someone with celiac disease. 


Pack Gluten Free Snacks on Your Vacation


If you're ever in that situation where you don't have free food readily available, you can just grab something out of your backpack or purse. We will look at some great snacks you should carry for your trip.


Using Ziploc Bags to Store Gluten Free Food 


It's essential to always have some resealable bags to restock if you encounter gluten-free food. Ziploc bags and resealable bags or containers can take things throughout the rest of your trip.


Gluten Free Translation Cards to Use at Restaurants 


We will tell you why this is a must-have if you're going on international travel and when you really need it. How do you get personalized cards that can be translated into the native language of where you are traveling to? Why is this very important?

Travel Insurance Policy Documents


Most people don't realize it, but medical insurance can be your lifesaver if you're traveling internationally. We will see why and why you shouldn't rely on just having it online. Ellen can also help in purchasing travel insurance. Everything from booking their resort to booking their transportation from the airport to the resort and back, and their travel insurance and excursions.


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Journey with Travel Gluten Free

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The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free will walk you through planning and enjoying your next gluten-free travel adventure!


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