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Travel Gluten Free

Mar 13, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 78 

Fun things to do in London


Fun and Fabulous Things to Do in London


London is such a fabulous place! You’ll find a myriad of extraordinary events, museums, historical places to visit and fun activities to do. Whether you enjoy walks along the river or experiencing the world’s largest Ferris wheel, London will give you the travel adventure of your lifetime. Besides the numerous travel adventures you explore, you’ll find an almost seemingly endless array of gluten-free friendly and dedicated gluten-free restaurants. Check out Episode 77 to find out more about London’s delicious gluten-free fare!



Built over 1000 years ago, archaeologists and anthropologists are finding out more about Stonehenge through scientific studies. A must-see if you visit London, Stonehenge is a short walk from the interactive museum, where you can purchase a fair-trade sheep hat for 25 pounds!


Salisbury Cathedral

Right outside of London, you can visit the home of the Magna Carta from 1216. Salisbury Cathedral, with its flying buttress medieval style architecture, will astound and amaze cathedral goers. Check out the Salisbury Cathedral by visiting Salisbury SP1 2EJ, United Kingdom.


The Shard

Modern buildings are usually tall, rectangular edifices towering high into the sky. While The Shard is the latter, the design of this building will blow your mind! Towering up hundreds of feet into the air, The Shard looks like a giant dropped large shards of glass into the ground, to where they stuck, leaving their pointy edges skyward. View The Shard from any location in downtown London or visit at 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom.


Tate Modern Museum of Art

Tate Museum of Modern Art has no admission fee! Visit floors of modern art, sculptures, and multi-media. Wonderful exhibits, along with a beautiful skyline view of London when you travel to the 10th floor of the building. Visit the Tate at Bankside, London SE1 9TG.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

See wonderful plays at the Shakespeare Theatre along the waterfront. View Shakespeare Theatre’s show schedule here and find out more about this fascinating theatre by visiting 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT, United Kingdom.


Borough Market

Food, fun, and friends are to be had at the Borough Market, where you can purchase locally sourced produce and other market items. Make sure to check times of the Borough Market and get there early for the best selection. The market is located at 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL.


Winchester Palace

Walking along an unassuming London side street, you’ll come across the ancient ruins of Winchester Palace nestled in between modern apartments and the street. Visit Winchester Palace at Winchester Palace, Pickfords Wharf, London SE1 9DN, United Kingdom.


Shakespeare Mural at Southwark

A brilliant and colorful work of art painted mural on the brick architecture of a historic building in London, this piece is really beautiful. Visit the mural on South Bank in downtown London.


London Bridge

Built-in the late 1200s for the locals to move across the river, London Bridge has been burned down to the ground and rebuilt more than once. Walk across the bridge and take the tour inside this architectural accomplishment and monumental symbol of London London SE1 9RA, United Kingdom.


Millennium Bridge

A foot traffic bridge for pedestrians only, take a walk across the bridge for spectacular views of London.


Bermondsey District

Bermondsey has a fun and funky vibe, with amazing restaurants and wonderful small shops. I found a variety of gluten-free foods in the local shops in Bermondsey. My husband and I stayed in Bermondsey District. For reasonable rates at a great location in downtown London, I would suggest staying in this district.


Hay’s Galleria

For a great latte and local shopping, Hay’s Galleria is a teeming outdoor mall with elaborate iron bridging connecting the two sides. Check out this local mall at 1 Battle Bridge Ln, London SE1 2HD.


Tower of London

If ever there were one location which represents London, England, and the Queen, the Tower of London would be that place! Purchase a pass and spend time perusing the courtyard where you’ll meet period characters going about their daily life, the Crown Jewels, history of the British coin and history of the tower itself. You’ll even see the modern guards walking across the courtyard. St Katharine's & Wapping, London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom


All Hallows Church

Baptismal place of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, was baptized at this church on October 23rd, 1644.


The British Museum

Rooms and rooms of historic artifacts from Egyptian artifacts to historic artifacts of London, there is so much to see! Easily spend half a day perusing the exhibits at this place of history and knowledge. Find current exhibits, traveling exhibits, and location on their website here.


Egyptian Hieroglyphic Tower and Pharaoh Cat Statue

This tower is an original piece from Egypt, brought over to London in the 1800s. You can view this stone monolith in Westminster on the embankment next to the walking trail.


Buckingham Palace

See the changing of the guard, but get there early if you want an up-close and personal view. If you stand behind the circular driveway, you can see the guard at the street level and still get a great feel for this monumental event, which happens twice daily. Learn more about Buckingham Palace by visiting their website.


St. James Park

Next to Buckingham Palace in St. James Park where you can sit, relax and enjoy the small creek and family of ducks. Also a great area for picnic lunches.


Westminster Abbey

Home of famous dead people, you’ll have to be invited to be buried in this abbey. A most recent addition to the abbey is Stephen Hawkins, who was buried in the Abbey in May of 2019. Grab an audio and video guide, included in the cost of admission and roam several hundred years of history. 


The Albert Memorial

Located in Kensington Garden, the Albert Memorial is a beautiful monument. A great place to sit on the steps, admire the beauty of this monument and take a break from a long day of walking!


Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

A beautiful trail runs through the gardens and park where you can visit the monument to the late Princess Diana. Diana Princess of Whales Fountain is a gorgeous stone structure similar to a modern stone river, where children play in the inches deep water flowing through the man-made stream. Diana loved children and I believe she would have loved a monument in which so many children play.


World’s Highest Ferris Wheel

Stop by Lambeth in Waterloo along the waterfront walk in London for a ride on the world’s largest Ferris wheel. When you’re finished, you’ll want to conjure childhood memories with a ride on the carousel just a few feet away!


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