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Travel Gluten Free

Aug 28, 2018

Episode #16
Back to School Gluten-Free 
Episode 16 we are going to talk about back to school. Not just snacks and lunches, but how you can create a legal document which binds the school and every professional who comes in contact with your child to your child's diet for celiacs or gluten intolerance.
As a parent, we want our kids to be safe, at home, and school. When they aren't with us, we can't see what they are eating or doing. How, as a parent, can you add in some safety measures for your student at school, when you aren't with them?
Shop with your child. 
Have your child have snacks in her backpack that are gluten-free that they can always eat on the go that is easy for them to handle depending on the age level there are different treats or snacks that are easy for them to feel. 
If your child is in elementary school, their teacher may be able to keep a box or a bag of pre-made shelf-stable snacks in their room for your child. If you go this route, mark your bag CLEARLY with your child's name, age, grade, teacher, and gluten-free/Celiac. There are many things happening in your teacher's day, and you want to make sure that your bag of snacks is not mistaken for something or someone else and gets eaten by someone other than your child.
If your Child is celiac, you should also get them a 504 plan. What this means is that they have a legal and binding document which gives them a unique accommodation. Every teacher must sign the paper that comes in contact with your child during the school day, including administration. The 504 plan lays out what your child's dietary restrictions are, as you, the parent, outline their restrictions when you meet to create your student's 504. Teachers now understand what they can and cannot do relative to your student.
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