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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 7, 2022

Travel Gluten-Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 12

Cooking Gluten Free Jewish Foods with Matt Weinstein


Finding healthy and delicious alternative gluten free recipes is always a challenge for many of us who have Celiac disease. In today’s Travel Gluten-free Podcast, I’m excited to host Matt Weinstein from the Glass of Weinstein. Matt is a dedicated gluten-free cook and content creator. Listen in as we talk about his Jewish heritage, how he started cooking gluten-free Jewish foods, and his process for recipe development.


Discovering Celiac Disease


Matt talks about how he discovered he had Celiac in 2014. He found out after experiencing symptoms he thought were caused by other factors. We recorded this episode in May, which is Celiac awareness month. Matt emphasizes the need to have more enlightenment to the public on the effects of Celiac since most people haven’t grasped the seriousness of the disease.


The Glass of Weinstein Gluten Free Jewish Recipes is Born


Matt credits his mum for arousing his curiosity and love for food through her love for cooking which came out even more during the big Jewish dinner like Yom Kippur. 


The Glass of Weinstein was born during the pandemic. With theaters closed and Matt in the theater business, Matt didn’t have much to do. So he turned to his love for cooking for inspiration and eventually discovered that remaking his traditional Jewish foods into a gluten-free recipe was a great way to share delicious traditional Jewish foods while transforming them into amazing gluten-free recipes.


How Matt Created his Gluten Free Recipes


Gluten-free food has a reputation for being subpar. Matt gets his motivation to make his recipes by turning around this stereotype of gluten-free food. Matt has a true passion for delicious gluten-free food, constantly testing out recipes to create delicious gluten-free meals! Listen in as Matt shares some of his favorite recipes at Glass of Weinstein. Being a lover of fine wine, Matt also talks about types of wine and cider and how he incorporates them into his recipes.

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