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Travel Gluten Free

Jun 14, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 92

The Canadian Gluten Free Scene with Sue Jennet A Canadian Celiac Podcast


In this episode, we get into the Canadian Celiac Scene, the many gluten-free choices for celiacs, shopping for gluten-free food in Canada, and what led Sue Jennet to create the Canadian Celiac Podcast. We also chat about Sue’s collaboration with the Canadian Celiac Association, our daughter’s takes on Celiac disease, and her delicious thin and crispy gluten-free graham crackers.


We also chat about our daughters’ experience with Celiac disease, gluten-free brands in the US and Canada such as Kinnikinnick, Only Oats, Schar Gluten Free, and Glutino. Sue gives excellent information about ethnic foods, including her favorite Asian restaurant Rison Young in Canada. She also talks about gluten-free certification for restaurants in Canada, the role of the Canadian Celiac Association, and how she chooses content for her podcast.


Sue Jennet’s Bakery


For ten years, Sue baked her way to local fame, opening a gluten-free bakery in her town. She was locally famous for her creations of gluten-free homemade pasta, cinnamon buns, holiday cookies, and her warm and fresh baguettes on Saturday mornings. She also created a thin and crispy graham cracker for her daughter to take with her to summer camp.


The Canadian Celiac Podcast 


Launching her podcast in January 2018, Sue used her past background in media to move her forward into podcasting. She has collaborated with The Candian Celiac Foundation and Ellen Baynes of the Celiac Scene for up-to-date content. Her most memorable episode is when she interviewed her daughter about growing up with Celiac disease.


A Canadian Celiac Podcast explores, educates, and gives advice to celiacs and those who lead a gluten-free lifestyle with information, research, and lifestyle issues. Sue interviews others in the gluten-free lifestyle about their personal stories and challenges with Celiac’s disease. 


Sue Jennett has access to the most prominent minds and personalities in the Celiac and gluten-free community in Canada. Learn about new initiatives of the Canadian Celiac Association and how they can benefit your everyday life. Join Sue’s weekly conversations, as she delves into all things Celiac and gluten-free.

Guest Bio


Sue counts more than 20 years since both she and her daughter have been diagnosed with celiac disease. During that time, she has operated a gluten-free bakery, runs a celiac kids camp, and is currently producing and hosting a gluten-free baking show on cable TV in Ontario. 


Sue is a celiac who owned and operated a gluten-free bakery for more than 10 years. After closing the bakery, she started working in an office, which she didn’t find very rewarding. She wanted to utilize much of the knowledge gained while baking and approached her local cable channel about producing a gluten-free baking show. The show ran locally and within Ontario for two seasons.  


Sue soon found she enjoyed the media and left her office job to return to school to study different forms of modern media. She examined what I really enjoyed in both courses and realized that I was passionate about doing interviews. Her vast knowledge of celiac disease and the gluten-free diet was a perfect fit as she had great relationships within the celiac community, which she utilized for my content.  


For many years she has held a leadership role in her local celiac community and organized a celiac kids camp for five years. “It always amazes me how putting yourself out there, lets you be found again and again.”


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