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Travel Gluten Free

Sep 8, 2021

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 153

Take Your Next Gluten-Free Vacation with Ellen from Gluten-Free Vacations!


Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast, where you can listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle with more fun and ease! Today, I have Ellen from Gluten. To find out more about gluten-free cruising, pick up The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free!


Shoreline Destinations


Ellen is part of the fantastic team at Shoreline Destinations, a boutique travel agency specializing in destination weddings, family vacations, and couples getaways. Their team helps plan vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Disney & Universal, and more! Ellen’s team loves to share their travel experiences, so when you plan a trip with Gluten-free Vacations, you also have the advantage of the travel experiences from all their team’s experienced travel advisors at Shoreline Destinations. 


Why Ellen Created Gluten-Free Vacations


Ellen loves to “see new locations and go to new destinations,” with the Caribbean, Mexico, and Disney as her top three favorite destinations because these places offer exceptional options for gluten-free travelers. When you feel like you can’t travel because you are gluten-free, the best first step when choosing a vacation is to go to an all-inclusive location with strict protocols in place. There are multiple restaurants you can eat at, extensive gluten-free choices on the menus, making it easier for anyone who’s gluten-free, especially those who are new to the gluten-free lifestyle. 


Best Destinations for Gluten-Free Travelers


“People don’t want to go on vacation and only have the option of eating meat and vegetables.” I agree! That’s why Ellen vets and personally visits the locations that she sends her clients to ensure they can eat comfort foods such as gluten-free waffles and gluten-free pancakes. “You want to indulge and have a good time on vacation. You want to feel like you’re eating what the rest of the group is eating.” That’s for sure! Being able to feel “normal” when you’re eating is such a relief and happy moment when you’re gluten-free.


The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free


Are you anxious about traveling with Celiacs Disease? Does the thought of getting sick on vacation worry you to no end? The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free will walk you through planning and enjoying your next gluten-free travel adventure! Learn how to take a trip safely, what questions to ask when you are at a restaurant and which online tools and apps to utilize to find safe, dedicated gluten-free restaurants and food options when you read my guide!


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