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Travel Gluten Free

Apr 6, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 82

Naltrexone for Relief of Auto-Immune Symptoms


Welcome to Spring Into Health! A series podcasts dedicated to health, healing and auto-immune disease.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement with Peak Medical


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is all about finding the right balance of your body’s hormones to achieve your overall best health. Rory and Amie of Peak Medical talk about BHRT, symptoms which result from hormone imbalance for men and women and treatment. They start with a simple blood test to check your hormone levels, and follow-up with a thorough, hour-long individual consultation to explain the results, discuss your health goals, and answer questions. BHRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Peak Medical customizes plans for each individual. They monitor your hormone levels and adjust your hormones to keep you at your optimal health. 


Naltrexone’s Effect on Auto-Immune Disease and Inflammation


Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the opioid effects of drugs. The opioid effect is also known as pain relief. Naltrexone, given in doses of 50mg or 100mg, blocks opioid drugs, aka narcotic drugs, from attaching to our nervous system receptors. However, researchers have found that given in small doses, Naltrexone has huge benefits for those suffering from an auto-immune disease, specific types of cancer and IBS, among others.


How does Naltrexone Work?


Naltrexone will bind to the receptors in your body which creates inflammation. Chronic disease leads to a chronic inflammation cycle. Naltrexone binds to your opioid receptors, not allowing your body to inflame and break the inflammation cycle.


My Experience with Naltrexone


I’ve been living in pain daily, with few exceptions for the past two years. While seeing Amie and Rory at Peak Medical for weight loss and hormone balance, I relayed to Amie that my pain level had been rising the past few months and I wasn’t able to get my pain under control. She had recently been to a medical conference and heard a speaker talk about Naltrexone for symptoms of auto-immune disease and asked if I’d like to try out Naltrexone. I said yes!


Within two days of starting 1.5 mg of Naltrexone per day, almost all of my body, muscle, and joint pain were completely gone, along with my overall body stiffness. I felt that I’d been given a new body! Not only was my pain gone, but I was also able to work out better and feel better post-workout as a result of being in less pain! This drug is amazing! A friend of mine who had similar symptoms took Naltrexone and had similar results. 


Starting off at 1.5mg, the Naltrexone dose is elevated over time until correct dosing is found. I’m currently at 3mg per day and started taking Naltrexone about six months ago. I love the way I feel and although I do get flare-ups, I can manage them much better.


I’d highly recommend clicking the link at the bottom of the show notes and making an appointment with Rory and Amie. They have literally changed my life for the better! 


Guest Bio


Amie Clarke and Rory Swenson have numerous years of experience in the healthcare industry. Amie is a nurse practitioner with over a decade of experience and Rory’s role is the business management side and healthcare provider at Peak Medical. They met at a medical conference two years ago and decided to start Peak Medical - a bioidentical hormone replacement clinic for people who are looking to feel their best, no matter what their age. 


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