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Travel Gluten Free

Jul 6, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 94

Mike and Cam from the Celiac Project Talk Gluten Free Travel and Chicago Restaurants


In this episode, we get into another gluten-free podcast with Mike and Cam from the Celiac Project. The duo talk about their journey to their diagnosis of Celiac disease, how they met, Mike’s Celiac Project Documentary and their strong bond of friendship. We also dive into how Cam trained his dog to smell gluten, the different types of dogs that are good “scent dogs” and the type of training he put his dog Lacey through to be a gluten-sniffing assist canine. We also chat about the recent FDA label changes, how relaxing the labeling can affect those with Celiac and Cam and Mike’s favorite gluten-free vacations and Chicago restaurants!


The Celiac Project Podcast


In The Celiac Project Podcast, Michael Frolichstein talks about celiac disease and navigating a gluten-free lifestyle with fellow celiac, Cam Weiner. Join us every Wednesday as we delve into many topics, current events, and special guests in the celiac and gluten-free community. We welcome your comments and suggestions for new show topics.


The Celiac Project Documentary


The inspiration for this film came after director Michael Frolichstein struggled with a series of "mystery ailments" before finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 40. Michael was shocked to learn that this auto-immune disease, which affects 1% of the US population, is 83% undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. 


His journey to meet others who had suffered, as well as to get answers from experts, led him to uncover more mysteries within his own family. The documentary ultimately explores what we can do individually and as a society to advance the conversation and raise awareness about the disease.

Guest Bio


Following a lifetime of dismissive doctors, unexplained symptoms, and emotional stress, filmmaker Michael Frolichstein received a life-changing diagnosis at the age of 40—celiac disease. Camera in hand, Frolichstein set out unaware of the odyssey before him. The result is “The Celiac Project,” a powerful, first-of-its-kind documentary; its goal is to raise awareness about celiac disease. 


The documentary is currently rolling out on different Public Television stations nationally. Soon after completing the film, Michael met Cam Weiner at a screening of his film. Cam related to Michael’s story, as his own health issues and subsequent diagnosis with celiac disease forced him to pause his budding film career. The two forged a secure connection and a shared mission of raising awareness. 


Together, they launched a weekly podcast in January of 2016 to discuss and highlight issues and topics relevant to the celiac and gluten-free community. There are over 225 episodes to date, covering a myriad of fascinating topics and special guests. 


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