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Travel Gluten Free

Nov 3, 2021

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 161

Living Gluten Free in Toronto with Ashley from Celiac and the Six


Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast. Today, I have Ashley from ‘Celiac and the Six.' Ashley loves to bake, travel, and explore a gluten-free world for her and her daughter. She also hosts a Facebook group for young moms also living gluten-free. 


Being Diagnosed with Celiac Disease


Ashley found out she had celiac as a teenager. Working in a bakery, surrounded by flour, she felt something wasn't right in her body. Her doctor insisted it was IBS, but as her reaction to certain foods worsened, Ashley knew it was more than that. By being persistent, she was able to get tested and diagnosed. 


Creating a Platform for Gluten-Free Moms


While pregnant, Ashley noticed common pregnancy tips weren't always accessible for gluten-free women. She saw a need for a community of GF women and mothers, and decided to make one. 


'Celiac and the Six' was born out of Ashley's love for Drake. It all started from a desire to showcase GF finds while also becoming a mother. Ashley started out on Instagram, and has watched her community grow over the last year. 


Finding Gluten-Free Options in Toronto, Canada


Ashley describes the food scene in Toronto as 10/10. Not only are there many cultures, there are many GF-dedicated restaurants. When looking for a place to eat, Ashley makes sure to ask plenty of questions. What cross-contact protocols do they have? Where do they source their gluten-free ingredients? 


Ashley also made a list of her favorite GF options in the Toronto area, such as Riz, The Beansprout, Almond Butterfly and Kelly’s Landing. Few restaurants offer diverse GF options for kids, so she included places both she and her daughter love. Most of her favorite spots are locally-owned and allergen-conscious. She also recommends comfort food stops such as Hype Food Co, The Keg, Swiss Chalet and Boston Pizza. For Italian, her go-tos are Scaddabush, Giro d’Italia, and Il Fornello

Listen in to hear Ashley's favorite GF spots, her experience with celiac and motherhood, and how to join her GF community.


Connect with Ashley on her website, Celiac and the 6ix, or at her Instagram under the same name. 


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