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Travel Gluten Free

May 26, 2022

Travel Gluten Free Podcast Season 07 Episode 06

Gluten Free Chocolate Truffles and Afternoon Tea with Richard at Velvet Monkey Tea House

Being a Celiac in high school can be daunting. In today's Travel Gluten Free Podcast, Richard joins us to share his journey, after being diagnosed with Celiac as a sophomore in high school and how he became the owner of Velvet Monkey Tea and changed the food and tea offerings to a completely dedicated gluten-free menu!

Switching to a Gluten Free Diet

After discovering he had Celiac back in high school, Richard stopped eating anything from the school cafeteria. Richard shares with us how he got to the present point where he eats completely gluten free. Richard talks more about the support that he received from his family and why this support was important to him.

Velvet Monkey Tea House in McMinnville, Oregon

Richard gives us the details on how together with his partner Serengeti, they acquired Velvet monkey tea from the previous owner. How they have transformed the tea house to be fully gluten free establishment whereby customers don’t have to worry about getting food that has cross contamination.

Richard also takes us through the general categories of the 120 tea types carried at Velvet Monkey Tea House, plus other products such as the high quality gluten free chocolates, gluten free Stroop waffles and pretzel based snacks on their menu.

Do you know what Stroop Waffles are? These are delicous Scandanavian waffel treats! Richard shares with us why his customers love them and even people who are gluten-free buy these delicous desserts!

Richard also let us in on future plans they have in regards to introducing more baked goods at Velvet Monkey Tea House, the charity work they are doing and how they are committing a percentage of their sales to support the Red cross Ukraine.

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Journey with Travel Gluten Free

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