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Travel Gluten Free

Jun 26, 2019

Episode 54

Interview with Matt Coffer from Spinning Wheels Brands


Matt Koffer is one of four co-founders of the Spinning Wheels Brand. Why do I absolutely love this brand? They have four lines of gluten-free food which is perfect for those of us who are on the gluten-free diet and love to travel. Their snacks and dairy alternative kinds of milk are tasty, delicious and fun to share with a friend (who you are traveling with of course!)


Listen in and find out about this amazing brand, how they made their factory peanut-free and tree-nut free for those with food allergies and why you need to contact Delta Airlines and tell them to carry this delicious brand of food!


Spinning Wheels Brand


The Spinning Wheel Brands model was specifically created to incubate brand concepts and product development for new brands that target specific areas of product white space to meet consumer demand. In other words, we see the opportunity for new products and brands constantly…and founded Spinning Wheel Brands to bring those opportunities to market again, and again and again.

We’re like a mini-consumer packaged goods firm, building out multiple food brands to our core markets while commercializing the outputs of our food and beverage innovation engine.


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