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Travel Gluten Free

Mar 30, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 81 

Travel Options and Health Precautions You Can Use During COVID Pandemic


Health Precautions


Look to the CDC website for proper precautions to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and Coronavirus common questions and answers. Three common precautions we hear about regularly are:


  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Social distancing at least six feet apart
  • Use hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol


You can find more precautions at the CDC website here and also learn what myths and false facts are being spread along with the disease on this page of the CDC site.


Learn about travel advice for those who must travel and the latest worldwide travel updates from the World Health Organization here on their website.


COVID Travel Options


If you are at high risk because of age or immunocompromised health, staying at home is your best bet. Always seek and take the advice of your medical practitioner when your health and safety are involved.


Are you having a bad case of cabin fever and are not in a high-risk category? You’re in luck as there are a few travel activities you can still participate in when you are healthy and not in the high-risk group.


Take a Day Trip to a National Forest or National Parks


The National Forests and National Parks are now free to go and roam! Many places inside the park are closed, however, you can still hike and enjoy the outdoors in the national forests and parks. Take a day trip to a National Park or National Forest, enjoy the outdoors, bring a picnic and spend time with your family outside. Plan your trip ahead of time to a National Park by downloading a park PDF map by looking up a National Park on the National Park website here


National Forest Service website can be accessed here and lists currently available activities inside the parks. “The Forest Service is taking the risks presented by COVID-19 seriously and is following USDA and CDC public health guidance as we continue to offer services to the public. Visitors to our National Forests and Grasslands are urged to take the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are three official, government-wide sources of up-to-date information about the coronavirus:,, and”


Utah State Parks are also open and you can visit the Utah State Park website by visiting here. Their website is keeping a page for COVID-19 updates here. “The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation takes the health and safety of our visitors and employees seriously. 

Employees have been asked to clean high-traffic areas or highly-used materials regularly, as well as to not report to work should there be concerns about their health status.

We encourage everyone visiting state parks practice #ResponsibleRecreation. This means: separating yourself and honoring the social distance of others, avoiding crowded trailheads and areas; and keeping parks and facilities clean.”



Camping is always a fun adventure, no matter if there is a pandemic or not! Getting outside and sleeping outside, enjoying your campfire and camping food I believe is one of the best ways to reconnect with the outdoors. Whether you’re glamping or tent camping, this favorite outdoor American activity is sure to be fun! Make sure to call ahead to find out camping restrictions in private and publicly held camping facilities. 


Scenic Car Rides with Your Family


Car rides used to be a special outing many decades ago as cars and roads became more common. Nowadays, seems like the only time we are in our cars is when we are rushing to a store or going to work. Why not take a scenic car drive around where you live or a scenic area nearby where you are? We are so busy in our normal everyday life, we don’t often take advantage of the beauty around us. Find a scenic road or byway near you by visiting the Federal Highway Administration’s Scenic Byway page here.


Family Fun Things to Do


Even when we make the best of our situation, we are still mostly indoors and stuck inside our home. Instead of vegging out on video games, try one of these at-home activities to make your day a little lighter and brighter!



Whether you have a mix or start from scratch, baking can be a fun family affair! Grab your recipe, go shopping and break out your mixer for good, old-fashioned family fun. Make cookies, cake, fresh bread or cook a family meal together. Cooking and baking is an activity that can be blended into your everyday life, not just a special occasion activity! There are many places online where you can find a wonderful recipe. Check out my website here to find out more or go to Episode 68 of the Travel Gluten Free podcast for easy recipes and gluten-free deals online!


Play Outside 


Badminton, whiffle ball, soccer or basketball are great games to get your family going outside! Snowing on a weekly basis? Try building a snowman, snowshoeing around your home or on a nearby trail or have a snowball fight! There are many options for outdoor fun in a cold or warm climate.


Have a family picnic at your home or a park that is open as many parks are usually empty at this time. Remember to use social distancing and bring hand sanitizer with you for precaution! 


Play Inside


Board games and card games are fun no matter how much technology we have around our house. Besides fun, these activities are a great way to connect and interact with other members of your family while enjoying time together. 


Remember to Support Your Local Businesses Today!


Purchasing a gift card to a local business you frequent can mean the difference between that business getting by and shutting their doors. Many family businesses do not have the capital to fund their storefronts for prolonged periods of time when they can’t physically see customers. Purchase a gift card from them today and use the card when you can get back to their store or business! They will appreciate your patronage during these tough times.


Park City has our own gift certificate website PC Gift Cards where you can register your small business or purchase a card from a small local family-owned business in Park City! 


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