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Travel Gluten Free

Jun 1, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 90

Gluten Free and Chemical Free COVID Camping Skincare


Since many people have been camping for their COVID vacation, I wanted to share with you a great gluten-free and chemical-free skincare line with amazing products for you and your family when you're camping or having fun outdoors.


Utah is known for its outdoor fun and adventure; however, you need to be safe in the sun. Did you know that Utah is #1 for skin cancer in the United States? Since we are at high elevation, our sun is much stronger than other places at lower elevations, so you can burn easier. Additionally, some people think they can't get a sunburn in the winter when it's cold; however, that is entirely false. You can actually burn easier in the winter because not only are you getting sun from the sky, you are also getting reflected sunlight bouncing off of the snow.


I love camping. I love the outdoors, sleeping outside, sleeping in my hammock, having a campfire every night, not caring about smelling like campfire smoke or makeup. The beautiful trails I hike and the out-of-the-way places I find when I'm taking that road trip to my next camping spot. There are so many things to love!


Few activities are a must when camping. One, especially in Utah or climates that are dry and at high elevation, is taking care of your skin. The largest organ in your body can quickly become dehydrated, burned, and bitten during outdoor adventures unless you take proper precautions with your skincare.


Chemical Free Hydration for Your Skin


Keeping skin hydrated means drinking lots of water. The higher elevation, the less oxygen and the more water you need to drink, however, if you're drinking lots of water, you want to also take an electrolyte supplement or salt supplement, so you don't unbalance the electrical connections in your body! Remember, if you're out in the heat, drinking more water doesn't cool your body temperature, you must pour water on you, bath in cool water, get into a climate-controlled environment or wrap a wet towel on your head or your hotspots on your body to cool yourself down.


Besides my hands, I find my face is super hard to keep hydrated, especially overnight. Lemongrass Spa's Coconut Overnight Rehab Cream is a high moisture cream, applied at night, to rehydrate dry skin. 


Healing Elements is a fantastic cream that keeps my super dry skin hydrated overnight as well. Besides being super-healing, it smells deliciously amazing! It's heavy cream, with a texture like a salve. There's no doubt you have a protective layer between your skin and the elements when you put this on your skin. My dog Lily loves to have a taste when I'm applying this to my skin after a shower. 


Besides camping, many cancer patients have used this cream to heal their sensitive, burned, and dry skin from chemotherapy or radiation.


I've recently used this cream on a 23-inch surgical scar, and my surgeon was super impressed with how healed my scar was two weeks post-op. I've also used this on my hands, legs, arms, face, and my lips in the wintertime. There are very few places on my body where I haven't used this amazing cream! You can get this in a travel size, or a stick, which is super easy to use and is not considered a liquid! 


Ultra Hydrating Body Cream is heavy cream but a bit lighter than Healing Elements, which is great for everyday use for any type of dry skin. It's unscented and gluten and chemical-free. I have very sensitive skin, and this cream has never bothered my skin in any way. I've used this almost everywhere on my body as well, and I would recommend this cream for kids who have sensory issues as it does not have a funny unscented smell or any types of abrasives. It's very smooth and not heavy. This comes in a travel size as well! 


Last but not least, your nails take a beating when your living your outdoor experience. Lemongrass Spa's ultra-hydrating nail balm will give your nails a layer of protection while keeping your nails and skin hydrated. No need to worry about having dry, cracked, or damaged nails at the end of your camping trip! Grab the travel-ready 2oz size or get the travel set with a stick and 2oz cream to keep in your backpack and your travel bag!




An essential element to any outdoor activity, many sunscreens have artificial perfumes or chemicals you don't want in your open pores, especially when you're outdoors swimming in a lake or other body of water. Marine life definitely doesn't appreciate our chemicals in their environment either!


Lemongrass Spa tinted sunscreen is my absolute favorite sunscreen and the only one I wear on my face. The tint in the sunscreen prevents that cloudy white look from regular sunscreen, also, I've found this sunscreen prevents sunburn better than other, more expensive sunscreens I've put on my face. It's a no brainer when it comes to sunscreen for your face. In a stick, and not considered a liquid, Sunscreen Sport Stick is easy to transport and use no matter where your adventure takes you!


Bug-A-Boo Insect Repellent

Also, in a 1 oz stick and not a liquid, the Bug-a-Boo insect repellent is easy to take along when traveling! Keep the bugs away with a natural alternative, formulated with skin-softening almond oil, beeswax, geranium essential oil, catnip essential oil, citronella, and cedarwood. It does not contain any DEET or chemically derived insecticides. Kid-safe and environmentally friendly.

If you're looking for a spray, grab Bug-a-Boo duo, sold in a convenient two-pack with a 4oz size for at home and a 2oz size for travel! Drop-in your backpack and carry along to reapply when hiking, at the beach, or enjoying a picnic at the park or in the backcountry.

Want both the stick and the liquid spray? The Bug-a-Bool Family Pack contains the duo spray with the 1oz stick for a bundled discounted price! 

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