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Travel Gluten Free

Mar 12, 2020

Episode 77

Gluten Free London


Traveling to London? You’re in luck! Episode 77 is targeted toward gluten-free food in London! Listen in to find out how you can find gluten-free food in London, what restaurants I loved to eat at and the European Allergen Codex and how you can use this allergen codex while you are traveling in Europe. Find fabulous places to eat and a new trick I learned on how to find gluten-free places to eat when you’re traveling abroad.


If you’re interested in fun gluten-free food, London, England is the place you want to visit! You’re bound to find gluten-free in many food ethnicities when perusing London restaurants. Like fried food? No worries! London is teeming with food establishments that have dedicated fryers. I’ve eaten more than my fair share of fried food while in London, and I believe you will too!


Want to eat a delicious gluten-free dessert from a dedicated gluten-free bakery? You’ll find many dedicated bakeries, so eat pastries, doughnuts, and croissants to your heart’s content - and remember to leave space in your luggage to bring home goodies you’ve acquired from London! 


European Allergen Codex

European Allergen Codex is a system in which you can easily see what allergens are in different foods in restaurants. When you use this system, remember that they list the opposite of the US - where we show what foods you CAN eat, the European Allergen Codex shows which allergens are in the food. For example, if you see the letter “G” next to a food, that food contains gluten and is NOT gluten-free.


This Codex is the same system across the countries in Europe which I have traveled, which is nice to worry about one less thing when you are eating while traveling. If the restaurant doesn’t have the Codex Allergen list on their menu, as the maitre’d if they have an allergen menu as they may have a few copies of a special menu which labels allergens. Many restaurants I ate at in Europe were very accomodating and went out of their way to serve safe food.i


Better Quality Food in London and Europe

With the exception of the plane ride, I’m always excited about traveling to and in Europe, especially when I think about the amazing food I’m going to eat. The quality of food is much better, as many foods are locally sourced and fresh. Europe does not use GMO and modified foods on the scale as we do in the US and factory farming isn’t their mainstay for raising food. Because of these factors, the food in Europe tastes better, and has less of the chemicals and hormones which we have in our food.


I’ve heard from other Celiacs that they can eat the dairy in Europe, but not the US. I have experienced the same. While I can eat imported dairy without issue, American dairy poses many digestive issues for my system. 


Vegetarian and Vegan Options in London

My daughter Aliyah is Celiac and vegetarian, which offers yet another level or two of complexity when we eat out. In London, however, there are quite a few options for those who are both gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan. I’ve even come across vegetarian restaurants who offer many gluten-free options on their menu! There are many vegetarian and vegan options in general in London. Additionally, many restaurants also offer dairy-free!


Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in London

My favorite restaurant in London, by far, was Honest Burgers. Located at 9 festival terrace, South Bank, London. They have dedicated gluten-free fryers, onion rings, burgers, can eat all fried foods. They also have gluten-free brews, incredible to eat burger, onion rings and brew together


Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a chain restaurant with about half a dozen locations in London. GF bread, buns, dessert and gf menu. Lunch, vegetarian-friendly and takeout are offered.


Wagamama which Jenny from GFYGF and I talked about in episode 72 is a chain that is safe for celiacs. They have a gluten-free menu, dedicated kitchen space, and amazing smoothies!


Cotto Italian Restaurant Pizzeria at 89 Westminster Bridge has a dedicated kitchen space, features Italian food has gf bread, beer, appetizers, pasta, pizza, dessert and is dairy-free friendly.


Leadbelly’s Bar and Kitchen at Montreal House market Square has a dedicated fryer and waffles, bread, fish and chips, spicy meatballs tons of gf df options.


Mango Tree, 76 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, London amazing Thai food and many gf options. Vegetarian, late night, lunch. Look for pics on IG! Great atmosphere, excellent service. People rated this pricey, but for the food you get, I didn’t think this was a pricey option.


Dishoom is Indian fair, vegetarian and celiac-friendly. Dairy-free, vegan and Late-night Indian restaurant. Three locations in London and is great for burgers.


Tower Tandoori Indian, vegetarian and celiac-friendly. Best Indian food I’ve ever eaten. 74-76 Bridge Rd., Bermondsey is the perfect place for gluten-free and vegan or vegetarian.


Mattarello Restaurant, 3 Middlesex London. Italian, celiac friendly, gluten-free pasta and dessert.


Duck and Waffle, Heron Tower, Bishopgate, London. Allergen list, waffles, late night, definitely go there for a late-night, gluten-free waffle!


Cote Brasserie, 26 Ludgate Hill, London. Has a dedicated fryer, dessert, fries, dairy-free friendly, late-night and local chain.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants in London

Dedicated gluten-free try Niche restaurant and bar at 199 Rosebery Ave., Clerkenwell, London. Like Honest Burgers, they have gluten-free brews, and of course, their entire menu is gf. Cheesecake, dessert, onion rings, and soup and quiche. Offer brunch, lunch, vegetarian and vegan-friendly.


Indigo Restaurant One Aldwych hotel is dedicated to gluten-free. Besides gf, they are dairy-free friendly and open late.


Station 26 Gluten Free Restaurant on Coldharbour Lane, has crab cakes, with English and Irish fare, dairy-free friendly and kid-friendly, vegan and outdoor seating.


Redemption on 6 Chepstow Rd, Dairy-free, vegan brunch, and lunch options.


Hemsley and Hemsley at 400 Oxford Street, London are filled with delightful baked goods cookies, crepes, and bread. Fill the souvenir space of your luggage with baked goods from Hemsley!


Apres Food Company at 72 St. John Street has fried food, breakfast foods, pancakes and is keto and paleo-friendly as well. Breakfast, brunch or lunch they are also vegan-friendly.


Leggero, 64 Old Compton St. Soho, London Pasta, beer, dessert is an Italian lunch cafe.


Farmstand, 42 Drury Lane, London. Beer, bread dessert, muffins and pasta for breakfast and lunch. Mexican sweet potato, coconut and carrot soups. Allergens are clearly marked on the menu.


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