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Travel Gluten Free

Jun 22, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 93

Gluten Free News You Can Use with Andrea Tucker of 100% Gluten Free News


In this episode, we get into another gluten-free podcast with Andrea Tucker from Baltimore Gluten Free and her podcast 100% Gluten Free News. Andrea brings the latest news about gluten-free to your ears with a daily podcast! She gives us the 411 on her favorite gluten-free Baltimore restaurants. And if you haven’t eaten a delicious baked good lately because you can’t get out of the house as a result of COVID restrictions, listen in to find out which dedicated gluten-free bakeries are now delivering!


Living Gluten Free Requires Self-Management


“Living gluten-free for medical reasons requires daily self-management and vigilance, unlike any other disease management. Disease and symptom management – solely through food – requires the patient to take over daily as a case manager. Add in the psycho-social component, especially when navigating a child through the waters, and it can be overwhelming.” 


Baltimore Gluten Free


As a result of the overwhelming need for support and the lack of support offered to the gluten-free community in her area, Andrea started Baltimore Gluten Free. Offering support groups for both kids and adults, Andrea holds and runs events and activities for gluten-free families centered around holidays. She hosts her events at any one of the dedicated gluten-free bakeries or restaurants in her area. 


Her events are not centered around medical topics; rather, gathering the community to support each other, mentor, and create an environment where children and adults can find solace in knowing that many others like them are going through similar challenges. Children, especially, enjoy seeing other kids, like them, who are gluten-free.


We chat about incorrect gluten-free labeling, why you should be a label reader, the enforcement of gluten-free labeling by the FDA, and of course, her podcast 100% Gluten Free News. Of course, we also talk about travel. Andrea tells her favorite gluten-free travel spots, great food she has found while traveling and why her family travels to eat.


100% Gluten Free News Podcast 


Andrea offers 100% Gluten Free News Podcast as a daily microcast. Find out what you need to know about what’s happening in the gluten-free world, what products are not safe to eat, and legislation that affects the gluten-free peeps in our community.


Guest Bio


For as long as she can remember, Andrea has been passionate about nutrition and food as a vehicle to health. From a little girl reading her mom’s Prevention Magazine in the ’70s to her career as a health coach, she started using food as medicine. Not only was this new lifestyle, her practice, but it became her internal mantra.


Andrea is a Health Educator and leads gluten-free activity groups for adults and children living gluten-free for medical reasons. She and my family have been GF for over 10 years and love to travel to destinations that have dedicated gluten-free dining. “We travel to eat!” Listen in to her daily microcast, The Gluten Free News.


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