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Travel Gluten Free

Sep 15, 2021

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 154

Gluten-Free African Safari Eco-Travel 


Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast, where you can listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle with more fun and ease! James Mwenda, a native of Kenya, is with me today, and we talk about his fantastic gluten-free, eco-safari tours, which are one of the items on my bucket list for next year! Find out how you can experience Kenyan culture, wildlife, and delicious, fresh, local foods on a Jemu Expeditions tour!


Growing Up Next to Mount Kenya


As a child, James grew up in a village next to Mount Kenya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elephants would routinely come into his village and eat everything they could get their trunks around! Finally, rangers came and moved the elephants back into the forest to be in the natural habitat. James enjoyed watching the rangers as a child and knew he wanted to work with wildlife as a ranger ever since.


Saving the Last of the Endangered White Rhinos in Africa


James became a ranger as an adult, and by the time he was able to work with the white rhinos, there were seven of them left on the planet. “My whole perspective changed when I landed being the caretaker of the last of the northern white rhinos. I refused to be the normal caregiver, giving them food and going to sleep and feeling sorry for them. Instead, I wanted to do something for them.” This gave James the motivation to speak up for them and utilize the opportunities available to raise as much awareness as possible for the rhinos and other species he was working with at the time.


Take a Life-Changing Vacation on an African Eco-Safari with Jemu Expeditions


An outstanding safari experience is a life-changing event; James will take you to untouched destinations and meet the local people with unique cultures along the way. This spurs a reality of how we humans are finite in an infinite intricate world. Jemu Expeditions will take you to spots with beauty to see wildlife with stunning backdrops and unbelievable sunsets.


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