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Travel Gluten Free

Apr 21, 2022

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 01

Gluten Free Gift Giving with Calli McPherson of William James Gifts


The act of giving a gift expresses how much we care and value someone. In today’s Travel Gluten-free Podcast, I’m excited to host Calli McPherson, the owner of William James Gifts, a gift store specializing in gluten-free food and gift baskets. Find out how Calli started her gluten-free gift store during the pandemic and the great line of gluten-free goods you can gift your favorite gluten-free person!


Opening her Gluten Free Gift Store


Calli shares her dream of opening a gift store that picked momentum after her diagnosis with Celiac. Being Celiac allowed Calli to see the need for a Gluten-free gift store as the gaps she found in the marketplace. For example, there wasn’t a gift basket shop or store that sold gluten-free products for those who were gluten intolerant or had a medical condition in which they couldn’t eat gluten.


Gluten Free Foods and Products at William James Gifts


Calli takes us through the expansive line of their products at William James Gifts. Other than being gluten-free, the products at William James Gifts cater to people with different dietary restrictions, such as Vegan and even those on keto or paleo diets. 

Calli and her family taste-test all the food before carrying it into the store. She believes that trying out the products and foods before carrying them is essential. Then, if the food or gluten-free product passes the test and has her family’s seal of approval, she’ll proudly display the item and sell it in her store.


Supporting Women-Owned Small Businesses


Calli also shares why she sources some products from women-owned small businesses. Besides supporting women-owned businesses, Calli talks about how she sources most of her products from companies that center around social responsibility.


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