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Travel Gluten Free

Apr 19, 2019

Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast, where you, my friend, listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle with more fun and ease!

This is Elikqitie and I founded Travel Gluten Free for you! I want to be a resource, contributor and support to you on your gluten-free journey!

If you haven't been to a gluten-free festival, you are missing out on one of the most fun, food-centered events for those of us who are gluten-free. When you attend an expo, you walk through aisles upon aisles of gluten-free goodies, products and deliciousness.And the basically eat your way through the expo - you're so full by the end of the show!

Besides the food, there are also great speakers and classes on topics from baking and cooking gluten-free to living with auto immune disease. There's such an array of experts and topics to choose from, and they're all included in the price of your ticket!

Come out and see me at the Nourished Festival in Sandy and in Denver, Colorado! I'll be there getting pictures of my gluten-free friends, other influencers in the gluten-free circle and new products I've discovered.

Would you like FREE TICKETS? No problem. Check out my Instagram feed to get a hold of complimentary tickets to either the Sandy or the Denver show!

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