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Travel Gluten Free

Mar 27, 2019

Episode #42
One Year Off with Alexandra Brown
Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast, where you, my friend, listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle with more fun and ease!
She had only known her boyfriend for a little over 2 months when they both decided to quit their desk jobs and travel the world for a year. This was the most radical thing either of them had done! They envisioned a journey with nothing but a few essentials. Both of them decided to purge themselves of the impossible attitude, put one foot in front of the other and set their hearts and minds to making the adventure possible!
This is the first of a 2 part episode on One Year Off with Alexandra Brown.Alexandra and here husband, formerly her client, were out to dinner one night when he told her his idea of traveling around Europe on his motorcycle for two months. When she heard that, her response was, "Wait for me!".
Starting their journey from a dinner date to traveling around the world for a year together, to eventually getting married, Alexandra shares here experiences with world travel, how to plan, what to bring and what to do when you don't speak the language!
She candidly speaks on the topic of how world travel changes your life and your self-paradigm.
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Content creator and producer / host of the Fast Breaks and Hot Takes podcast. If you like basketball this is definitely a show for you! This shout out is for Colin Morris. Colin and I met during the podcast expo a couple of weeks ago which was such a blast he such a fun person to hang out with. Colin thank you for tagging travel gluten-free on your Instagram!
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