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Travel Gluten Free

Jan 7, 2019

Episode #32
Fun, delicious, gluten-free snacks, perfect for travel or snacking on-the-go!
Cereales Andinos is a family owned company that sprouted in 2006 in Ecuador. He worked behind the scenes for industry and government for almost nine years until 2015 when they decided to prepare a research and development project focused on food exports. They had a food brand they were working with and decided to redesign the brand to the name we now know called Celifood. They obtained HACCP certification, Gluten Free certification, and they are currently working on NonGMO and Kosher certifications. Their goal is to be the Gluten Free company from South America. 
For the past two years in South America, Celifoods has become the number 3 brand in the healthy cereals in retail (behind Nestlé and Kellogg), and in 2018 they launched their export product: Quinoa Munch to the USA. You can find Quinoa Munch on Amazon and will soon be selling in Hy-Vee's grocery store in Iowa. 
In this episode, I chat with Esteban about Celifoods certified gluten-free and vegan quinoa snacks, which are made with real superfood ingredients from the Andes. "Healthy, nutritious, and tasty. Elevate your food" is their tagline on Instagram. We also talk about their Horeka, quinoa flours and flakes AND the new product they are excited to bring to the US!
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