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Travel Gluten Free

Oct 11, 2018

Episode #21
Interview with Ellen Bayens of the Celiac Scene
In this episode, we are going to explore the gluten-free scene in Victoria, British Columbia with Ellen Bayens, who founded the Celiac Scene and started the gluten-free revolution in Victoria a decade ago. the restaurants you will love in this city and why Victoria is the place you want to be when you're gluten-free!
How  the Gluten-Free Revolution started in Victoria, British Columbia
Do you love eating out at restaurants that are safe, friendly and have knowledgeable wait staff, that serve FRIED FOOD from dedicated fryers? Do you want the best ( and most ) gluten-free food you could eat while traveling? My friend, Victoria, British Columbia is the next place which should be on your vacation hit list!
Ellen and I jump into how she started the gluten-free movement in the restaurant scene in Victoria, British Columbia and how that is reflected in the gluten-free culture the city celebrates today.
The restaurants are fabulous, you can easily have a food coma on a daily basis eating at these fine establishments:
Besides listing amazing gluten-free restaurants, Ellen has a listing of the local stores which offer gluten-free foods as well as specials on her social media pages. Check out Ellen's Events Page to find out what is happening in the gluten-free scene, who has the best gluten-free offerings at local farmer's markets and where you can get the best gluten-free foods. Also check out Ellen's fast food restaurant listing in Victoria and in the US, which she personally researched and set up herself! Ellen has a gluten free listing of companies which sell quality gluten-free products.
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