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Travel Gluten Free

Aug 13, 2018

Episode 15
Meredith the "Celiac Cutie"
Meredith was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on January 29th of 2016. She remembers this day because it was her sister's birthday and also the first family gathering where she had to figure out what she could eat now that she was celiacs. That day marked the beginning of her journey with an auto-immune disease. She says even with a supportive family how alone Celiac makes her feel at times or just how many times I could be humiliated at a restaurant.
She became an instant friend to those who understood her whether it was the doctors and researchers at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University or the random people that shared their stories with her on social media.
While trying to find out where she fit in, in this new gluten-free community, Meredith found some gluten-free t-shirts. Most shirts were very down and cynical about being gluten-free. Meredith, being positive and happy, didn't feel those shirts reflected who she was and how she wanted to be perceived.
With the help of her sister-in-law, she started creating graphic designs for her new line of t-shirts. She received so much positive feedback, including the feeling of empowerment when wearing her t-shirt.
Meredith decided she wanted her t-shirts to be a conversation starter. Her goal was to have the company be a starting point for people to come together and share their journey. Meredith also wanted to give back to the Celiac Disease Research Center at Columbia University.
We chat about how she chooses designs for her shirts, why so many love wearing her soft and easy-to-take-care-of t-shirts and what Meredith's plans are for future Celiac Cutie t-shirts!
Celiac Cutie is a company that is fashion-forward, community-based, and research driven. Celiac Cutie celebrates the journey we are all on together. Her goal is to create a community where we celebrate and share our message with a little humor and fun products. Meredith is using the fun products that she creates to start discussions and help raise awareness of the gluten-free community. She believes that Together, we can discuss and support our lives while we raise money and help fund the research, so many amazing people have started.
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