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Travel Gluten Free

Apr 28, 2020

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Episode 85

Dog Friendly Utah Hiking Trails


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Utah Hiking Trails to Beat COVID-19 Boredom


While working at an insurance agency, Alicia from Girl On a Hike started looking for information on hiking trails in Utah. An avid hiker, her friends, would ask her about the hikes she went on when we're good times to go, and which trails she liked the best. A friend suggested she start a blog on hiking trails in Utah. After looking around the internet for hiking trail information, Alicia couldn't find the detailed information she was looking for: what to expect on the trail, step by step information with pictures, and which trails were dog friendly. She wanted to make her blog stand out from other blogs, apps, and information on Utah trails, "I wanted to put stuff in there that nobody else had," so she started her own blog Girl On a Hike.


Building Her Blog Girl On a Hike


Knowing nothing about coding and web design, a friend directed her toward Blogger. Alicia wasn't sure if she wanted to stick with her blog, "I liked to write, but I've never written trail guides. I didn't know if this was for me if this was worth the time and money I had to put into this." She started on this platform, but ultimately her need for her own site sparked an interest to change her career to coding and web design. 


Choosing a Trail for Her Blog


Alicia takes notes in her notes section, and her "to-do hiking list gets longer every year." She has many trails she would like to hike, but can't get to all of them by December. "Even though I feel like I've explored a lot of Utah, I feel there are so many trails I haven't explored."


Basing Her Vacation Around Hiking


"I travel to explore and find new areas," she says of her vacation plans. She isn't the stay by the pool and sips a drink kind of gal. Alicia plans her entire trip around backpacking and hiking trails. She also takes her dog Charlie, who recently turned eight, along with her on all her hikes and adventures. 


Listen in to find out where Alicia likes to take her dog the most, her favorite spots in southern Utah, and where you can and can't take your dogs in State Parks in Utah. Learn the guidelines for off-leash parks, Alicia’s favorite off-leash parks and why you should have excellent recall with your dog.


Guest Bio


Alicia Baker is the owner of "Girl on a Hike," a blog that follows Alicia and her hiking companion, Charlie, a Golden Lab, on their outdoor adventures. She has lived in Utah for since 2013 and loves exploring everything from the High Uintas to the San Rafael Swell and desert. Each year, she and Charlie hike and backpack an average of 700 miles. "Girl on a Hike" has been awarded as one of the Top 100 Outdoor & Hiking Blogs from 2016 through 2019. She is also the author of "Salt Lake City's Best 52 Hikes", available only on Amazon. 


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