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Travel Gluten Free

May 12, 2022

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 04

Brewing Gluten Free Beer with Bierly Brewing


I've never liked beer until I tried the brew that JP from Bierly Brewing creates! I'm excited to chat with him about brewing gluten-free beer on the Travel Gluten Free Podcast. JP has been brewing gluten-free beer using gluten-free ingredients since 2016. He researched how to malt gluten-free grains to use in his beers, but he decided to move toward recipe development and brewing.


Why JP Decided to Brew Gluten-free Beers


JP has celiac disease. He discovered this at the age of 26 when he met his partner Amelia, who had already been diagnosed with celiac disease. So, the main reason JP decided to do the gluten-free beer was that many of his wife's family members were gluten-free. JP had been experimenting for some time with gluten-free beer, so it turned out his beer was great, and everybody liked it, starting with his family.


The Brewing Process and Ingredients for Gluten-free Beer 


JP uses honey, candy sugar, and rice syrup solids as part of his ingredients. He combines these with hops and gluten-free yeast. JP found out they could make an excellent pale ale, which ticked all the boxes for beer.


Besides, JP doesn't use any barley, wheat, or rye. He also doesn't use oats because there is a large swath of celiacs that still cannot have oats.


Discover how JP comes up with new ingredients for gluten-free beer. JP has sixteen years of experience brewing beer but still reads a lot to develop new beers. When reading, he is particularly interested in the history of the beer, why it was brewed, its ingredients, and the challenges faced.


Origin and Different Types of Beer


JP shares with us the different types of beers. Basically, most beers are defined by national origin. The three top ones are Germany and Austria, Central European, England and Belgian. However, with gluten-free beer, there is more freedom.


Customer Favorites at Bierly Brewing


​​JP takes us through customers' favorite gluten-free beers. He also discloses his favorite and how two Bierly beers came to be named after his sons. 

JP's Recommended Gluten-free Destinations

Find out why JP recommends the Portland metro area in northwestern Oregon, Seattle, and the west coast area as a top destination for Gluten-free travelers. JP also shares his Gluten-free travel plans and what he is looking forward to experiencing in these places.

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