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Travel Gluten Free

May 19, 2022

Travel Gluten Free Podcast

Season 07 Episode 05

Creating Delicous Gluten Free Pub Food with Amelia from Bierly Brewing


Travel Gluten Free Podcast is bringing you part two of our talk about Bierly brewing, as we are joined by Amelia, who is JP’s partner. We shall be talking about the food side of Bierly Brewing, and we’ll chat with Amelia about Amelia's experience with Celiac disease, how Amelia and JP started their dedicated gluten-free brewery and the great menus created at Bierly Brewing.


Amelia’s Experience with Celiac Disease


Amelia’s mom was diagnosed with Celiac in the 1970s. So, when Amelia was born in the 80s, Amelia's parents were looking out for any signs of Celiac disease. When Amelia was older, they had different tests, including the genetic test showing they had two genes for Celiac disease. Growing up, Amelia was on a gluten-free diet, and learned how to eat gluten-free as a way of life.


Starting Off with JP Brewing Gluten-Free Beer


Amelia shares the incredible journey of Bierly Brewing, which started off with the gluten free brewing side. However, Amelia and JP had a bigger dream. He wanted Bierly Brewing to be a place where people could come in, hang out, have a gluten free beer, gluten free snacks, and visit the brewery. 


Bierly Brewing Dedicated Gluten-free Menu


The original menu for their gluten-free brewery started with gluten-free soft pretzels. This became a fast fan favorite and was followed by many more amazing gluten-free foods on their menu, including breadsticks, cookies, and donuts. Bierly Brewing also has a variety of mustards that are gluten-free and used in their various foods. Amelia also shares how they came up with what to put on their gluten-free menu. In addition, Amelia has an interesting rotating dessert menu, and tells why the menu is rotated out regularly.


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