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Travel Gluten Free

Dec 15, 2019

Episode #65

Gluten-Free Philadelphia with Rebecca from Fox & Son Philadelphia


I'm excited to feature Rebecca Fox, from Fox & Son Philadelphia, for this episode of Travel Gluten Free! I've been hearing about Fox & Son any time I mention I'm traveling to Philadelphia to another friend or acquaintance who is gluten-free. 


My guest Rebecca is a graduate of Cornell’s Culinary Institute of America graduate, as well as her business partner Kevin Kwan. She previously worked as a corporate chef for a seven-store grilled cheese brand owned by a creamery. Rebecca’s background in fine dining and hospitality management gives her an extraordinary take on her menu of carnival style food.  As you will find out from her interview, she is very involved and interested in food science. 


She began her restaurant experience at the age of 12, with multiple family members working in one aspect or another of culinary dining. Rebecca’s first job at a bakery taught her the basics of baking and how to pack baked goods. She has loved being a part of the culinary world and has lived this lifestyle for most of her life.


Rebecca’s experience and training comes through in the quality and taste of the food she offers at Fox & Sons. She is not gluten-free, but decided on a gluten-free menu as a result of finding out that gluten-free flours worked better and tasted better in the frier when she was experimenting with flours for her new restaurant at Reading Terminal Market at C4.


Reading Terminal Market is located in the heart of Philadelphia at 12th and Arch Streets. RTM is an authentic Philly experience and offers a variety of dishes that are not only gluten-free, but the eating establishments are also from many different food cultures, which I love! When you're there, definitely check out Fox & Son - the only dedicated gluten-free restaurant at Reading Terminal Market. The owner, Rebecca Foxman, created a dedicated gluten-free restaurant that features such delicacies as funnel cake, fried Oreos, gluten-free corn dogs, and white birch beer. Birch beer is a northeastern beverage, similar to root beer, but on a more mouth-awakening level. 


In this episode, we chat about our favorite menu items at Fox & Son, how Rebecca created and decided upon her menu and why she decided not to label her restaurant as dedicated gluten-free. 

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